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Home work This website explains briefly about Green IT, it's necessity, how Green IT innovation leads the way to Sustainability and so on. Again, in this video green technology and sustainability are explained very well. Finally, how Green IT saves money and energy, innovation, growth, sustainability, environment is explained in this video.

Individual task after first seminar: Design a new “sustainabilility movement”

1. Every person should be aware of wasting energy and natural resources such using electricity, gas, water and so on. 2. People should be also careful using toxic material and materials which are not decomposed easily such as poly-ethane, plastic and so on. 3. People should separate their different waste in different sections such as glass, plastic, papers, bio,metals, chemicals and so on. 4. Government should encourage people to use bike or public transportation instead of own vehicle. 5. In every house/apartment a pipeline (Chute) can be used to transfer bio waste to bio gas plant. From this plant people can get energy. 6. Government should take strict action against deforestation. 7. Government should take necessary steps to control population growth. 8. Government should take necessary steps to use re-new able energy as much as possible such as solar power, wind power and so on.