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Green IT3: Sustainability Indicators


Green IT articles:

1. Green Cloud computing and Environmental Sustainability, Saurabh Kumar Garg and Rajkumar Buyya

Using cloud services from virtual servers in high automated data centers can save energy and decrease carbon emissions and global warning. Majority of power usage inside data center is used for other purposes than actual services. So the full advantage can be only achieved by optimizing usage of devices efficiently. Also applications should be designed so that they consume resources which they really need, not maximum amount of them.

2. Energy-Efficient Cloud Computing, Gelende et al. (2010)

With better and smarter technology on hardware level (computer systems and networks) can be saved energy and decrease emissions.

3. GreenCloud: A New Architecture for Green Data Center (2009) Liu et al.

All three articles deal with Cloud Services which is related to my Master Thesis.

I perform the course mentioned in Noppa: Philosophy and Critical Thinking