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HTML 5 Game Development Learning Diary

0. Optional Javascript Crash Course

Date: 19.2.2013

General comments: The answers to the tests don't really resemble what I've written. Sometimes they don't even look like what the instructions say. This throws me off a bit.

Test 1. A bit annoying, since everything wasn't explained and since I haven't done HTML 5 coding before I had to find console.log() and I wasn't sure which ones were variables and which weren't.

Test 2. Easier than the first one. Better, clearer instructions. Passed with the first try.

Test 3. Easy as well. Had to google responseType, but otherwise all instructions included.

Test 4. Had to do some more googling, but didn't take too long.

Test 5. Again with a little googling didn't take too long.

Test 6. Copy paste.

Time used: 2.5 hrs

1. Canvas

Date: 21.02.2013

Test 1. Can't see the test results at all. Seems to be common error. Clicking test run gives me nothing. But I'm going to assume that I got it right. – Will try at a later date if they get it fixed. A bit frustrating.

Test 2.

Test 3.

Test 4.

Time used: