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0. Javascript

I really thought I knew something about javascript… okay, I got the inheritance and DOM right on my first try, mut the 4 tasks before those were hell. It gave me hard time with:

  • a) the examples: I couldn't see them but in the video, so how should I use them?
  • b) the errors: Always the same errors whatever I did.

And the best of all, in one task I passed it without doing a thing, just clicked test run. And when I finally did something (copied some other guys code to see what it does), it did the same thing; nothing! The reason might've been, that I used Firefox to complete this task, so I'll turn to Chrome for the rest. There could've been a mention about the browsers… if they're Chrome-fanboys, declare it.

One improvement considering our course WWW-sovellukset: The XMLHttpRequest should be earlier in the course, this order they taught usage was good.

Workload estimation ~1,5h

1. Canvas

Apparently I'm a snowflake. With so many others it seems.

After multiple near-suicides, I finally found out that this snowflake-text actually means that they have no means to validate my code; so it's up to me to determine, wether my answer is correct or not. This seems really, really stupid on an active course. I had hoped that using Chrome would help me in my error code problem, which happened with the 0. part and Firefox. Weeell… now I got some errors when executing, but still very scarce messaging.

Also, I'm still having problems with the examples. Why show them only like 30 seconds on the screen and then just tell me to use those functions. Since I can't go back to them, I'm trying to use the commented parts and search engines to determine, what I must do. This is fine, it you're talking about contact teaching, but on an internet course, it's just useless. Why can't they give us the functions we must use and we must find out the parameters and callbacks?

I think I got all tasks covered and it took me about an hour.

Feedback so far

Requirements: Basic knowledge of HTML, Javascript, and how the web works is necessary for this course.

Looking at the tasks, this is NOT the basic html and js, not even close. It seems they expect us to be almost at the advanced level in html5 and now we're just orienting to the game developement.