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Optional Java crash course:

not much to say, took a while to get back to js programmin, but in the end it was kinda easy.

Quiz 1: easy.

Quiz2: harder, took while to get it right, but now i have it submitted.

Quiz3: pretty much the same as second one, didnt have any problems.

Quiz4: and again…

Quiz5: this one took me a while, 'cos i had the exacly same answer as instructor and still it didnt get threw the system. now its fixed (i quess there isnt many different kinda ways to do elements…)

Quiz6: copy paste, copy paste, change names…

total time used: hour? not sure.


Quiz1: got it right on first try, nothin special.

Quiz2: this one keeps hauntin me… i´ve pressed submit several times just to see the right answer 'cos it says i have error. there is total of three lines to write (if i havent understood wrong, which is highly possible). and i have all of them. my code is almost equal to instructors, except the names of variables. after a week of complainin in forums they said its “fixed”. now i dont get any errors, jasmine (or what-ever program that grades code) is just stuck, and after 5 minutes it stops processing.

Quiz3: done and it says i´ve done it right. though cant see image anywhere.

Quiz4: system says ive got it right, but cant see animation. google developer tools gives about 300 warnings when after pressing test run.

about 1.5 hours, haven´t counted how many times i´ve came back to test if Quiz 2 worked.



had wrong answer i got feedback from grader that i had something wrong, then i though i had right answer, test run –> nothing, absolutely nothing again. chome developer tools gives 2 errors when i press test run: -Uncaught ReferenceError: SpriteSheetClass is not defined -Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token for

INPUT ok i jumped here cos i thought i should wait they fix atlas..

Quiz1: and surprise surprise it aint working. i changed variable names couple of times, got rid of “Canvas should be defined” (it said i got the right answer) and then i pressed submit and now my canvas should be defined again. go figure.

28.4.2013 for about 4 days now, i´ve been hunting the forums for answers how to hack some of the quizis (cant pass with right answer) what i´ve done: Optional JS course 100% Canvas 100%

other ones i have right answer (based on talk at forums), but it wont pass. I´ve got about 60-70% of whole course done. i´m gonna try scavenge some hacks, some appear to find ways to use alert to fix some problems… dunno why

4.5.2013 have done about 90% of all udacity tutorials, what are left I cannot pass because of the grading system.

have started making my own game, things that piss me of are that udacity gives us wrong way to code many things.

Hours for Udacity:at least 25


game can be played here:

here you can browse through javascript files:

here all graphics:

WASD to move, space to shoot and enter to toggle box2d debug draw you have 10 points health and if you hit ufos, you loose one. with every destroyed ufo you get score, and game keeps track of your highscore (until you close the browser)

most of the code i used are from completed Udacity tutorials (GRITTS) there was one file that includes one line of code found from udacity forums that fixed one bug in tutorials, i commented his forum nick there

i used easeljs in the begining of the development but got rid of it after a while. was not that much of a use.

most of the code is taken from udacity after i completed the tutorial sections, things like enemyclass is all coded by me.

i feel like should have done a bit more but was unsure if the course was canceled. Biggest problemo was making Udacity code work on my own computer, for some reason code that passed the grading system was not good enough to work in real browser :P but i got over it.