Learning diary, Timo T. Hynninen

Mein eigen spiel!

Gaem design

Here is an enourmous seal being lifted (barely) by two huge booster rockets

My idea is to make a Luna Lander copy. Just instead of a moon lander you have a seal on rocket POWER!

Notes before starting actual diary writing

  • Why's everyone choosing English as their working language?!? All right then…
  • I've already gone through Unit 1 (canvas) and done all but one quiz within it but I'll be going through it again. I'll start from Unit 0 just for reference and go through all lectures and (at least) attempt to get all quizzez right

Unit 0

I started to watch from the very beginning. I found this “achievement” very annoying


  • It is extremely annoying to try and read the code while there's a fucking hand covering the entire screencast!
  • If you are new to javascript on the whole why do they start by looking at an object? Why not start from the if-statement for example? This isn't very newbie friendly imo.
  • It annoys me greatly that even a breathing pause has been cut from the video. The speech is therefore extremely hectic by pace and difficult to follow as it does not follow the intonation of regular speech. Are we really in that hurry here?
  • The first JSON quiz wasn't impossible. The instructions within comments in the code were not clear though: for example Next, grab the 'x' data field within 'spriteSourceSize' of 'chaingun_impact.png' should say that the data field is also inside the 'frames' object… this I forgot, because i don't have a fucking photographic memory… Also when the instruction says “print the value to the console” a person with a brain would also remember to include the instruction on how to do that in the first place… I got it right by guessing first 'console.print()' and my next guess was the correct 'console.log()'. The task obviously presumes I know more than I actually do and it's quite effectively hindering my learning.
  • Quiz number two then: Wait, I already forgot what to do. And the instructions don't help too much.

Yay I've completed that as well by using common sense! The instructions are definitely not helpful.. Now looking at the correct answer, I submitted something completely different! WTF

  • Quiz #3: Yay, I think I got it right the first time round! The code obviously worked, it fetched an audio file and played in in my browser!
  • Quiz #4: No idea what to do. Give in. → try again with the same piece of code and it worked! Magic.

55 minutes in, coffee break.

Unit 1: Canvas

I'll return here in a moment

Unit 2: Atlases

  • Okay, so we started with talking about atlases and spritesheets. Which was useful as I fucking forgot the difference already :|
  • So after five minutes of introductory video that basically just covered the basic terms and concepts I'm suddenly supposed to handle what appears to be >100 lines of code in classes and helper functions? WAT.
  • I've no idea what I'm supposed to do.

I think I'll try and solve this by hitting test run now:

Okay so all I need to do is store some sprites to an array? Shouldn't be too hard → Meh, I'll save my brain and first watch the solution, perhaps then I'll retry.

  • “The parsed object has a frames dictionary” - Why do you say that like it is obvious? HOW THE FUCK WAS I SUPPOSED TO HAVE KNOWN THAT, IT'S THE FIRST TIME YOU FUCKING MENTION IT ASSWIPE!
  • “We'll actaully store the cx and cy values as a negative offset because we'll be needing those values later on..” wat. How was I supposed to know that either.
  • Not even going to try and make sense of quiz 2.

Generally the feeling is that the quizzez and theory bear no relation to each other for me. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be able to program having watched the videos. I'm very confused.

I've now watched the entire lesson. I have no idea what I was supposed to learn here. I'm not sure I learned anything here. What happened in this lesson, what were the key things? Was I supposed to learn things about texture packer? I don't understand why center offsets and whatnot were calculated, maybe someone (smarter) would like to explain to me what this lesson was all about?

How was the outro (storytime) related to the lesson?

REVISION: After long contemplation I've finally understood what they're on about. It's about trimming. I'm not sure if that's very relevant, at least at this point? The code is really confusing and there's too much of it. We really NEED to take baby steps here, there are so many concepts that need not such advanced game dev to be involved.

Unit 3 Input

  • Finally, something I think should be pretty straight forward. I reckon they'll f*** it up regardless.
  • My thoughts Unfair Gameplay / Faired Gameplay section: Nice to know but this is really bs. We're now using a couple of minutes of time to listen to a man saying how he bears a grudge for Quake players who 'cheated' back in the 90's. This is not time well spent! I bet the next part will (again!) go over something really important in a jiffy… What is the point of stuffing irrelevant monologues such as this into the syllabus when you could spend the time more productively by covering say, HTML5 game development stuff?

Then this happend:

What is love

baby don't hurt me don't hurt me NO MORE!