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Unit 0 - Optional HTML/Javascript crash course

  • Quickly looked through the lectures
    • Or as quickly as possible since the videos kept hanging
  • I was using Firefox and the programming environment did not work so I just skipped the quizzes
    • Installed Chromium before moving to unit 1 and with that everything seems to work

Unit 1 - Introduction to Canvas rendering

  • So now with Chromium I actually get to do the quizzes
  • The tasks are simple (except the last one) but finding the correct functions etc. from the videos is not
  • It seems that some of the stuff can be found from wiki→course transcripts. But still the lecture slides would have been nice.
  • Better instructions for the quizzes would have been nice (especially for the last one, the others were basically copy-paste stuff)
    • But at least I got a solution for all of them, even if the last one was quite different from example

After unit 1

  • Time spent maybe 2 hours
  • Learned that the stuff done on the course will only work with Chrome/Chromium
  • That we will basically just create a html page with canvas and draw to canvas with javascript
  • Found some problems with udacity or at least with this course:
    • I don't like the classroom/wiki/forum structure, why are the quizzes inside the lectures as I basically need to view the video while doing the quiz.
    • No information on how long the lectures are
    • No supporting material. The wiki is mainly notes for the lecturers, not so much help for the students. For example the link to was only mentioned in the video.

Unit 2 - Atlases

  • Howto put small picture into bigger picture
  • Quiz 1 - Parsing Texturepacker Output
    • Learning how to find information from parsed json
  • Quiz 2 - Rendering Texturepacker Output
    • Learning how to find information from dictionary
  • Quiz 3 - Parsing Trimmed Textures
    • How to do funny coordinate transformations
  • Problems with unit 2:
    • I don't know javascript - difficulties finding the right way to do things (mainly how to use dictionaries)
    • The editor loses position after you change tab (and sometimes it doesn't. hmm…)
    • The error messages from test runs are cryptic (“General error - fix something”)
    • A lot of help can be found from forums
  • Time spent with this unit about 2 hours.
  • Ok, so the atlases unit continues.
  • 2 more hours trying to understand how to read images from correct positions. Still don't completely understand, but at least managed to pass the quizzes.
  • So total 4 hours with this unit.

Unit 3 - Input

  • So now we are getting into the interesting stuff
  • But the unit is filled with problems:
    • Typos in instructions (the function names mainly)
    • Differences with videos and quizzes
    • Some of the quizzes didn't seem to check much, so after a pass I am not really sure if I did correct things.
  • Completing this unit took about 2 hours of frustration with the mistakes in instructions and quiz-checking

Unit 4 - Entities

  • This unit was interesting, easy and there were none of the problems seen with unit 3.
  • Shows a nice way of managing all different types of entities.
  • Took only about 1 hour to complete

Unit 5 - Physics

  • So lets make our entities move
  • A lot of quizzes but most of them really easy (add one line of code)
  • Problems with understanding the overall structure. What class does what? We have entity related information in many classes but their relationships are not clear.
  • Overally nice unit, but the architecture of our game world with entities would have been nice.
  • Took about 2 hours to complete