Instructions for Ville's thesis workers

First readings

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I refer to references outside related work section?

Yes. Good theses show that the author understands the context of the thesis work. Often this means that the presented approach and/or the results are compared to existing work. Also, references should be used in describing your own approach when possible.

Describing own approach

2.How to describe an algorithm (pseudo code)?

You are free to choose the appearance of the presentation. However, keep the same for the whole thesis. If you are using LaTeX for writing the thesis, there are several LaTeX packages, such as 'algorithmic', 'algorithms' etc. Try Google.

3.How to talk about parameters and their values when describing the approach?

Try to explain the approach first without fixing the parameter values. Then, you should describe how you chose the values, for example, experimentally. 

4.Which units to use?

Use SI units (metric system). You can use prefixes (milli-, kilo-, etc.) and their symbols (e.g. mm, kg), as well as derived units (e.g. Hz ~ 1/s).


5.How to write experiments section?

You need to describe

6.What results to present?

7.How many experiments?