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PeerHood Applications

Remote Monitoring. To shutdown the inquiry part of the mobile device, and rather use remote monitoring service close by fixes device. Remote monitoring service informs the mobile device of the chnages in peerhood environment. Documentation: canditate work, publication. Code: SVN directory Demo: has to be set up

Barcode image analysis. Take a picture in mobile device. Send it to image analysys services. Analyze it remotely and return the results back to mobile. Result is the value of the barcode. Documentation: publication (softcom). Code: tommi ? symbian code too. Demo: need to be setup.

Routing service. A method to allow peerhood to make multihop routing to return a results of some service. Implemented as a service and separate connection making. Documentation: Ji Zhang masters, publication. Code: arto svn. Demo: setup.

Social network. Idea is to build dynamic group on top of peerhood connections based on user keyword interests. Semantic matching of the interests by the people in semi-automatic way. User joins and leaves a virtual group. Documentation: bishal masters theses, publication. Code: bishal ⇒ svn. Demo: need to setup.

Kazaa file sharing. Kazaa protocol file sharing on peerhood. Documentation: part in the papers. aris masters ? Code: arto → svn. Demo: gui qt on ipaq.

Chat over peerhood. Code: in protos ?

Peerhood authentication. More or less lost. Documentation: evgeni bondarenko masters

sami saalasti has some works, network plugins



Service selection (on work). Takes service descriptions, device capabilities, user preferencies and network limitations in account and matches and filters the services for selection. Used by the application when connection to the service. arto, mark, bal krishna.

Umsic services (on work).

PeerHood application ideas

RSS Aggregator

User wants to read RSS feeds on mobile. Normally RSS feeds are aggregated on client device (mobile) by regular intervals from RSS feeds providing sites. This makes multiple http connections with background processing, that might not be suitable on mobile device.

Application idea is to separate RSS feed aggregating into fixed device and have the feed presentation on mobile device. When mobile devices moves into fixed area, mobile discovers RSS aggregation service and transfers the feeds into mobile device. On mobile device the user browses the RSS feed index and make further web usage to RSS content pages as in usual RSS usage.

Peers: fixed device (fixed), mobile device (mobile)