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PeerHood Conventions


  • PeerHood in documentation.
  • peerhood for public component names.
  • PH or ph for internal names.


  • Use type suffix. Eg. README.txt .
  • Text file line lenght 78 characters.
  • Use UTF-8 character encoding.

C++ files

(Need to find where the convention comes from and what it is. symbian based ?)

  • Source file suffix *.cc
  • Header file suffix *.h
  • Use spaces for identation.
  • Identation lenght = 2


For public include files.

#include <peerhood/PublicThing.h>

For module private include files.

# include "PrivateThing.h"


General problems in peerhood

  • Write problem down into problem page.
  • When problem is resolved, move problem text into solution page, and describe solution as well. If solution is bigger than couple paragraphs describe them then in own pages (put short introduction anyway into solution page.

Code line specific changes

  • Add eclipse style TODO: task description to the points of source files where change is needed.
    • Task description should be specific for the problem (but short, one line), as there might be hundreds of todo's when looking project todo list.
  • Do not use cpp #warning directives, as they add unneeded output into compile.
  • On commit write description about changes done into subversion.
    • Use subversion history command (Eclipse: Team → Show History) to see commit descriptions.

Build system

More on build


  • Does not affect other build systems.

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