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 +====== PeerHood development resources ======
 +Tools, libraries, etc resources for PeerHood development. See peerhood development [[conventions]] as well. If software tool is common one, document it into [[:​software:​start|:​software]] space.
 +===== Tools =====
 +==== Linux ====
 +PeerHood is build over linux [[platform]]. Ubuntu is mostly used, but no required.
 +==== Maemo ====
 +Nokia Internet Tabled is using linux based [[Maemo]] [[platform]].
 +==== GNU C++ ====
 +PeerHood is C++ and natural choice for compiler for on linux [[platform]] is [[http://​​|GNU C++]]. With C++ you can easily shoot your own foot and others as well, so it is **required** that you have latest information on GNU C++ changes. Latest change (2009-02-20) is streamlined includes, meaning that bad implicit including (relying that some include header include other headers) break the code.
 +==== GNU Make ====
 +[[:​software:​GNUmake]] is used for controlling and configuring the [[build]].
 +==== DOC++ ====
 +In code documentation was done by DOC++ format to peerhood. Task: [[task#​doc++ into build]].
 +==== Subversion ====
 +[[:​software:​Subversion]] is used for version management of the peerhood project.
 +NEED: Subversion history => result/​share/​doc/​peerhood/​ChangeLog generating tool.
 +==== C++ testing framework ====
 +=== Choices ===
 +CuTe c++ testing
 +  * [[http://​​PeterSommerlad/​wiki.cgi?​CuTe|Cute]]
 +  * [[http://​​Projects/​Projects/​Cute|Cute plugin for eclipse]]
 +  * Cute is not in ubuntu 8 repositories yet, but have to be installed separetly.
 +  * Cute is a template and include based approach.
 +Boost C++ testing framework
 +  * http://​​
 +  * http://​​doc/​libs/​1_35_0/​libs/​test/​doc/​components/​utf/​index.html
 +  * Rather hard to get into it, multiple ways to make test cases, strange documentation.
 +==== Eclipse ====
 +==== GnuPoc ====
 +SymbianOS SDK for GNU/Linux