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This part of the manual concentrates to the procedure how information concerning the neighborhood is collected.

=Algorithm for Bluetooth plugin= This algorithm is for the Bluetooth plugin


StartPlugins() {
   // Start method starts the plugin based inquiry process to find other devices and services
   plugin(i)->Start() {
      InquiryThread () {
         // Here we need to have the logic how often we do inquiries
         //What if we move this task to some other device that only informs us?

         // All devices found are handled somehow
         for all found devices {
            // Bad name for the method, better would be CheckDevice
            AddDevice() {
               If existing device {
                  // Here we could consider if certain services are not needed to be checked
                  // Or if we just check the services when necessary (not peerhood type of operation)
                  HasPeerHood() for updated devices 
               HasPeerHood() for new devices {
               // This is a point of possibilities. At this moment we should exchange what we need
               // All protos supported by this device could be added here
               if peerhood capable {
                  FetchInformation() {
                     connect and receive services according to the selections made in phconfig

         if(MakeOlder()) {

   // Advert method starts a plugin based answering process for service inquiries
   plugin(i)->Advert() {
      Set sdp record
      AdvertThread {