PeerHood Projects

List page of PeerHood projects.

Future project ideas

Candidate or master thesis works.


PeerHood lacks totally test cases. Work could consists of:

  • Write testcases for libpeerhood, peerhoodd, plugin-bt, plugin-local, plugin-wlan, with 50% coverage.
  • Context: software testing for 24/7 systems in mobile environment.
  • Theory work: testing principles, feasibility study of existing C++ testing frameworks (including coverage analysis tools).


Design and implement security mechanism to PeerHood. Authentication, authorization.


Error management in PeerHood is problem currently. PeerHood inherently should be robust and fault tolerant for all kind of errors.

Threaded reactor

Application component hosting environment

Current projects

Listener framework

A framework for using listeners to monitor events in the environment: description.

Past projects


Opening Mobile Platforms for the Development of Component-Based Applications

Start project of PeerHood ?