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 https://​​svn/​comlab/​peerhood/​trunk/​pyph https://​​svn/​comlab/​peerhood/​trunk/​pyph
 +===== pyph Project =====
 +Add the **root** of this project to **PYTHONPATH** (or into correspondent eclipse configuration). Programs and subpackage import are to be find towards the project root. Programs should be able to run directly, without separate installation.
 +===== pyph subpackages =====
 +Note. these are same as module concept in peerhood C++ implementation,​ but in python module name is reserved for python code file itself, so lets use subpackage name here.
 +**[[https://​​svn/​comlab/​peerhood/​trunk/​pyph/​proto/​|proto/​]]** -- Prototype code for trying things with python.
 +**[[https://​​svn/​comlab/​peerhood/​trunk/​pyph/​pyph_util/​|pyph_util/​]]** -- General utilities used for implementation. This may not depend anything else than base python installation.
 +more to come
 +===== See also =====
 +[[pyph]], required [[software components]]