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Source code and version management

PeerHood Subversion repository access url (uses webdav):


  • Certificate here is just a placeholder for https prototol, so when using inside LUT network you can just accept it.
  • Normal LUT user & password. Users are assigned to repository so if you need access you can talk first with project personnel and then make request to

Repository layout

Subversion as version management just provides versioned file tree, where copy operation is O(1), and does not have any conventions. Layout here is common practice is used with common subversion projects.

$ph =

layout ph/

  • trunk/ – The baseline project codes.
  • branches/ – Branched versions from projects, will be merged later.
    • project1-1.0-maintenance-fixes/ – Example project2 maintenance fixes after release 1.0
  • tags/ – Releases or checkpoints from the projects.
    • PeerHood_core-svn-initial/ – Checkpoint for initial import
    • project1-1.0/ – Example release


  • When checking out a project you should checkout $ph/trunk/project, not $ph or not $ph/trunk. If you checkout eg. $ph you will get all material under that tree (subversion indeed only manages a file tree).
  • When importing source code into ph-repository, remove other versionining system bookkeeping files (eg. CVS). Some tools might automatically detect and confuse themself with those files.
  • Projects here are example names, replace by concrete ones.