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 +In this paper some enhancements to the performance of mobile peer-to-peer environment are presented. The work is based on our implementation of mobile peer-to-peer communication environment,​ PeerHood. PeerHood offers direct communication between mobile devices by using Bluetooth, WLAN or GPRS communication technologies. PeerHood is enhanced by allowing devices to exchange their neighborhood information thus extracting better view of the environment. This information can both bypass problems caused by incomplete device discovery and provide information about devices outside the immediate vicinity. **Ref:** Arto Hämäläinen and Jari Porras: “Enhancing Mobile Peer-to-Peer Environment with Neighborhood Information”,​ Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Applications of Wireless Communications,​ 2005. **Availability:​** {{:​peerhood:​wawc05_enhancing_mobile_peer-to-peer_environment_with_neighborhood_information.pdf|Enhanching Mobile Peer-to-peer Environment with Neighborhood Information}}