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Research Focus


  • Eat your own dog food. Research subjects should be realizable into concrete all day usable implementations.
  • Interesting work for 4 years.


  • Subjective Mobility ? I do not have used any mobile applications. I'm not mobile.


Use of applications in mobile environment is different from conventional static desktop environment. On mobile environment devices has limited connectivity to each other among time and space, depending the network technology that is currently used.


Mobile Message Bus

Message Definition Language

Communication Protocol Pattern

Protocol Pattern Definition Language

Protocol Execution Engine: Routing, Discovery


Analysis: Communication Protocol Patterns

Analysis: Message Bus systems


Task distribution

  • Task handling over mobile network.
  • Not traditional task migration.
  • Communication pattern: publish – subscribe.
  • Message bus / task bus.
  • Task vs. PeerHood responsibilities.
  • Task vs. Service? responsibilities.
  • How PeerHood can support task distribution.