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Distributed Communications Software Services in Small Scale Ad hoc Networks – Modeling, Development and Deployment

Postgraduate study and research focus is in distributed communications software services. Environment for the services are a small scale computing devices, usually mobile phones, laptop computers, PDAs devices and connected sensor equipments. Devices can communicate with different protocols, for example Bluetooth, WLAN, 3G or mobile internet based solutions. Due nature of inherent mobile and separated distribution of these devices, the networking have to be made dynamically in ad hoc manner. Networks will change based on different criteria, like availability, communications quality or set of services provided at current moment. Services and their applications should reflect these factors.

Service creation and infrastructure creation will bring new challenges in small scale ad hoc networked environment. Applications for a user is formed from distributed service parts. Services will communicate by different ways over ad hoc networking, for example direct remote calls, synchronization or by intelligent transactions. To establish communications there is need for modeling the distributed applications information and behavior, from architectural to detail level. Small scale devices are non-conventional from usual computer, so there is need for specific development strategies. How to deploy and run distributed software in ad hoc networked environment is challenging also. Research work will cover modeling, development and deployment aspects in creation of the distributed software services.



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