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 +==== Peer-to-peer Communication Approach for a Mobile Environment ====
 +Paper: Jari Porras, Petri Hiirsalmi and Ari Valtaoja. //​[[Peer-to-peer Communication Approach for a Mobile Environment]]//​. 2004
 +In this paper an approach to the [[peer-to-peer]] communication in a [[mobile environment]] is presented. This approach is based on the concept of [[personal trusted device]] that constantly monitors its neighborhood and collects information for the use of different applications. The reference implementation is built on top of iPaq PDAs running the Linux operating system. Class diagrams are presented for the main elements of the environment and the properties of the prototype are presented. Although this approach is not limited to any particular communication technology only [[Bluetooth]] technology is considered and presented in this paper. ​
 +**Ref:** Jari Porras, Petri Hiirsalmi and Ari Valtaoja.//​Peer-to-peer Communication Approach for a Mobile Environment//​. 37th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. 2004. **Availablity:​** http://​​10.1109/​HICSS.2004.1265717 ,  http://​​~ley/​db/​conf/​hicss/​hicss2004-9.html .